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Show Your Love!

Got your Omnibus? Love your Omnibus? Searching for countries where it may be legal to marry your Omnibus? As weird as that last bit is, we would not hold it against you. No seriously, we would be very skeptical of holding anything against you, as you just might feel the need to marry it. Anyhow, weirdness aside, we want to see you spending some quality time with your Omnibus! A romantic dinner with your Omnibus, a moonlit riverside picnic with your Omnibus, a candle infested bubble bath with your omnibus (the more bubbles the better). Show us how you share your love of our Omnibus with your Omnibus!

RULE #1 No obscene or explicit pictures allowed!

The top pic will be featured on our facebook page and get a shot at telling us why they love their omnibus so much and have their love (and picture) shared via our Blog!

Deadline - EXTENDED TO OCTOBER 15th! Visit our FACEBOOK page and get posting!!

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