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On The Rack

Having worked with Michael Mendheim on several video games prior to Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, I knew it was something straight from his heart. Unfortunately I left the company we were at just before pre-production on Four Horsemen began, so wasn’t involved those exciting days of concept and character development, with Simon, Rusty, Dave Devries, Doug Chiang, etc. I was excited to come back on board later, as Michael decided to flesh out the project as a full-blown epic graphic novel. There were areas of the original game plot that didn’t lend themselves so well to a linear, thought-provoking character drama, so we had a lot of fun re-tooling bits of the plot, character backstories, and story arc into something that really embraced the concept of Redemption. At that point, it had evolved into something almost brand new, with scores of new ideas and directions folded into the original inspiration to make it fresh and relevant all over again. Producing and directing the CG trailer, working with other great concept artists, such as Tim Bradstreet and Vince Proce, and populating the universe with so many interesting side stories and character quirks was a thrill. Seeing all of that hard work and passion everyone brought to the table come together in this epic volume makes all of the ups and downs totally worthwhile. Hopefully this is just the start of an even larger epic!

~Mike Kennedy

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