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The word on The Apocalypse

"It seems I've been lucky enough to cross artistic paths with Simon Bisley more then once. Working at DC on L.E.G.I.O.N '89 I worked on the issues that introduced Lobo to the book and later into prominence buoyed by Simon Bisley's work on Lobo. The better of the connections was during my run on Doom Patrol in which Bisley graced many of the covers of the books I worked on. I was happy with my run on the book, however short it was, but I was even more proud of the book because of the beautifully imagined paintings that Bisley created for the book. There was a time that I lost track of Bisley's work although I knew he had worked at Mirage Studios for some years and now I see he's about to re-emerge in a big way... The Four Horsemen book appears to, not only reinforce the vibrancy and power in his work, but will create an all new following of Bisley fans for years to come!"

~Mark McKenna

"Simon Bisley's designs for the Horsemen are insane. They are brutal and monstrous and they work so damn well on the page. Of all of them, I like Famine the best. He has this almost scarecrow look to him with a big striped top hat and ultra-thin arms and legs, but what makes him especially scary is the giant fanged mouth in his stomach."

~James Ferguson

"Simon Bisley's art is really incredible, and so gritty you won't believe it until you see it yourself. Michael Mendheim's story is very entertaining, with great pacing that moves swiftly from important scenes to set pieces with very little lag time. Mendheim clearly has a knack for Heavy Metal's particular blend of sex, violence, and incontestable bad***ery."

~Connor Cleary

"This comic is full of dark action the likes of which you have never seen. Hell is coming to Earth and it is not pretty."

4 stars

~Richard Vasseur

"The book is visually packed full of action and violence and is beautifully disturbing."



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