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Richard Vasseur / Jazma Online Review


By Richard Vasseur

Rating 5 Stars

Comments: The art is gorgeous. Simon Bisley shows us why he is one of the best. The scenes of horror are just that horrific. You will be blown away by these illustrations.

Every so often a letter is in red and it really stands out. Why though is it in red? It is a mystery.

Professor Adam Cahill is written as a man who knows what he is doing. When he springs into action it is a bloody melee. Different religions are mentioned here and they do tie into the story.

The story is full of emotion. Adam's love for his family shines through. The writing is simple and effective it leaves no doubt of the love he feels for his wife and daughter.

Adam is shown with so much devotion to God and doing what is right. He will defend the Earth and its people.

Each look at the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse leaves you with a feeling of dread.

Adam needs his own group of four to face the Four Horsemen. Jesse Grace is the first she is a whore and drug addict one that is also beautiful on the outside but inside she is a mess.

This comic in both story and art is riveting. You will be drawn to Hell and like it. The atmospheric setting will have you feeling chills.

The Reverend is an insane inmate who is sentenced to die. He is a sight. You can see his body has taken a beating. His face saying he does not care about anyone. Lucas Hand only wants to die but he cannot.

Adam Cahill is recruiting for his team to face the Four Horsemen and Lucas it looks like he will become one.

The art on these guys is horrific in a scary way. You will not believe your eyes. The illustrations of Hell are enough to make you start acting like an angel. You would not want to go there.

The story at times is a bit hard to follow.

Cahill has his team now and they have their mission keep the Four Horsemen from leaving Hell.

This comic is full of dark action the likes of which you have never seen. Hell is coming to Earth and it is not pretty.

You have just got to see the artwork here. It is magnificent. The backgrounds are full of detail and every inch of space has something in it to see. The coloring could not be better.

The scenes of Armageddon will leave you in fearful thought. The destruction is over whelming.

Adam and his team are in Hell. In Hell a rebellion is about to take place. Adam and his group will lead it. Lucas is a warrior one with huge muscles that he knows how to use and Jesse as well and she also looks beautiful and sexy. The battle is a hard fought one filled with blood and gore. These denizens of Hell fight like none you have ever seen. They are illustrated with an intensity that makes reading this comic pure excitement. The Four Horsemen have returned to Hell and it is all out hell as they battle Adam.

The use of red in the lettering adds a nice touch to the look of the comic. It is not overly used which makes it stand out all the more.

The variety of beings from Hell is a delight to see. Soldiers, KKK, demons and humans of course they are all here. Your eyes will feast on the illustrations here in. You should see Famine is he ever drawn to suit his name and where he came from. He is definitely a frightening figure from Hell. Death now this Horse Man is scary he is the most powerful. His presence is terrifying.

Back on Earth now Adam, Lucas and Jesse go to rescue his daughter Sara. His love for his daughter gives him strength. The one force that can stand up to the worse evil is the power of love.

Lucas Hand may be one of the Chosen. He seems not to thrilled about the idea of helping to stop the Four Horsemen. Now as we see Famine he is a terrifying sight. His glowing eyes and manner leave no doubt evil has arrived.

Adam, Jesse, Lucas and Jordan are a miss matched group and they are humanities last stand against the Horsemen.

The artwork does provide a dismal look at the world as the forces of evil marshal and the forces of good do as well. The forces of good do seem to be evil as well.

Finally we see Death the Four and final Horsemen. The drawings of Death will inspire fear and dread. Death does bring death.

The Four Horsemen drawn together present a visage of terror ready to sweep across the land. You just have to see this art to fully appreciate it.

As the Four Horsemen engage Adam and his friends all Hell breaks loose. This is one violent battle for the fate of the Earth. Armageddon is here and the visual art portraying it is a destructive orgy of devastation.

Armageddon may not be what you think it is. There are some twists and turns in this story to keep you thinking.

All hell breaks loose in Hell. The scenes are full of carnage as the battle is joined. As the Four Horsemen lead the attack on Adam and his three companions it is the end battle.

The Helldiver faces Death the last of the Horsemen. He does not fight alone neither of them do. This battle is not about any one person or creature.

The Order of Solomon faces the full forces of Hell they are tested and learn about themselves. Their beliefs are put to the test. Adam, Jordan, Jesse and Lucas are all pushed to their limits and beyond. Each ones is found wanting but rises above what they were. This is a story about hope and how it never dies.

There are tons of extra bonuses here to: pin-ups, character bios, sketches. Dave Devries does one of the most amazing pin-ups of Satan you are ever likely to behold. There is much more to and you find out about all the secrets hidden within.

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