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The images above are actual (non-retouched) screenshots from our XBox 360 technology prototype. We are hard at work to bring this concept to life on next generations systems. Fingers crossed!


In the game, the Player assumes the role of Adam Cahill, who must enter Hell and convince three corrupt souls (The Chosen) to join him. The Chosen have God given powers, which can be used to defeat the Horsemen. To protect himself and the Chosen, Adam is given divine weapons and abilities. This is a storybased game focused on intense combat action paced with exploration and RPG elements.  


Fighting is a mix of melee (swordplay) and ranged combat (gunfire). The Player can Attack by using precision combo attacks or Sandbox attacks, which encourages the Player to be creative and use physics and the dangers within the environment to find interesting ways to kill their enemies.


One of the key features of the game is the “Art of the Kill” which provides spectacular finishing moves for every kill in the game. The Art of the Kill “Moment” is triggered when an enemy’s health falls below a certain threshold. The Player can chain together numerous AOK Moments to create a cinematic ballet of death.



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